Orangatang Declared to Have Basic Legal Rights in Argentina - In what may be a first, an appeals court in Argentina has recognized a nonhuman as having basic legal rights. A Buenos Aires judge ruled in favor of advocates who are calling for more freedom for a 28-year-old orangutan who was born in a zoo.


Charla Nash case - In 2009, a Connecticut woman had her face and hands savagely ripped off by a friend's pet chimpanzee. Her disfigured face is nothing like the face she had, and now, sadly, the experimental anti-rejection drugs she was on are failing. Apes are wild animals, and are best left in the wild or at least in a zoo. This is what happens when foolish people (the chimp's owner, not Charla Nash) forget that.


Monkey Shoots AK-47 - this video is a FAKE. It was produced by Fox Studios to promote the movie "Rise of the Planet of the Apes". ☀


Released Gorillas Recall Human Friend Who Was a Toddler 12 Years Prior -

The Aspinall Foundation, working to rehabilitate gorillas who had been in captivity. The nonprofit organization’s goal is to be able to release the gorillas back into their native habitat in West Africa. 12 years ago, they released two gorillas, Bimms and Djalta...